A smile showing white teeth

Tooth whitening can remove or reduce teeth stains. Tooth staining is usually the result of consuming coffee, tea, wine (red) and tobacco.

We've observed that when a person has whiter teeth, they tend to feel happier with their smile and more confident in themselves. As a result, we offer two types of tooth whitening.

  1. Take-home tooth whitening kit: during your appointment, impressions of your teeth are made to create "bleaching trays", which are like a thin mouthguard. Whitening paste is applied to the inside of the trays and placed over your teeth in your own time, often at night, for a certain amount of time.
  2. In-chair whitening session: done during your appointment in the dental chair, where a high-powered light basically bleaches the stains out of your teeth is used. This procedure is quicker but costs more than the take-home whitening option.
  3. We generally recommend a combination of in-chair whitening and the take-home whitening kit. This is because studies have shown that combining the two options yields the best results.

How can I have my teeth whitened?

Firstly, we need to determine if you are a suitable candidate for whitening or not. Tooth whitening may not be appropriate for people who have pre-existing conditions. Call us on (08) 9881 5573 or contact us via other methods to start the process.

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