Missing tooth

Teeth are often "extracted" (pulled out) when they have experienced significant trauma or decay. This may be to prevent future infection, further pain or otherwise. Extractions are usually considered as a final option and this procedure should not be considered lightly. For example, the loss of a tooth can affect a person's ability to chew, their ability to talk, the position of other teeth and the aesthetics of their smile. Over time, teeth can move or "drift" into spaces that are created by extractions or create gaps between teeth that are far away from the extraction point.

Should I get my tooth pulled out?

You should consult a qualified dentist to answer this question. If a dentist believes an extraction is recommended, it is ultimately your decision as to whether the procedure is completed or not. Call us on (08) 9881 5573 or contact us via other methods to start the process.

More information about extractions

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