Root canal treatment removes the nerve within the tooth root. It is a serious type of treatment ("major dental") and usually involves multiple sessions to initially remove the patient from pain and subsequently prevent infection of the remaining tooth pulp. Whilst root canal therapy is done for the benefit of the tooth, the procedure will weaken it (we normally promote prevention of tooth decay to avoid this situation altogether). After root canal therapy is performed, a dental crown is normally placed over the tooth to ensure it does not break in future. Additionally, an attached crown prevents bacteria from re-infecting the tooth, since the crown forms a tight, microscopic seal.

Root canal treatment stages
Root canal treatment stages
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How do I know if I need root canal treatment?

Unfortunately, this is generally not possible for the untrained individual determine. A qualified dental practitioner will be able to along with a number of tests including pulp vitality tests, x-rays and photographs are required to establish a proper diagnosis. Call us on (08) 9881 5573 or contact us via other methods if you believe you may need root canal treatment or similar.

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