Dentist holing up full-mouth x-ray

General dentistry is concerned with general oral health related issues, such as pain in teeth and gums and care of the mouth over the long term. Our general approach is to get patients out of pain and then address other oral health needs, like fillings, root canal treatment, hygiene therapy (scaling and cleaning) and more. We also look for abnormalities in the mouth and gums, including oral cancers. We find that patients often do not report pain, but a lack of pain does not necessarily mean that a personal is in top shape oral health wise. A general rule of thumb is that six-monthly check-ups but a general practitioner are normal.

Modern dental techniques

We keep up-to-date with the latest research published by the Australian Dental Association, so that we treat oral health conditions with the appropriate procedures and technology. Additionally, we strive to make our business more effective through the use of new technology, including digital x-rays, intraoral cameras and leading dental software.

How can I get my teeth fixed?

The first step is booking a consultation with one of our dentists. Call us on (08) 9881 5573 or contact us via other methods to book in.